Birds and flowers all agree That you are just the one for me I wish you a very lovely Valentine’s Day filled with warmth and friendship!!! I also wish I could tell you who designed this beautiful Valentine’s Day themed fabric that my new pincushion sits upon. But since I bought it as a … Continue Reading

Hello hello hello . . . I might as well start out with this gorgeous BLUE sky, the “side of blue”  in my title. Michigan can be so very beautiful . . . especially when the sky loses its gray overcast tendencies and becomes brilliant blue! A day filled with sunshine . . . helpful … Continue Reading

Hello all !!! It’s soooooo cold outside. But wanting to warm your heart today … here’s a couple of pictures of a little something I made for a dear girlfriend of mine last week. I told her it was to celebrate her birthday. BUT, what a great excuse to celebrate our friendship! (as you can … Continue Reading

Pink . . . a girl kind of color, don’t you agree?   The stork has delivered three girl-babies to my family this year.  Three grandnieces to join the family! The photos above were from the newest girl-baby-grandniece gift!  Her shower was last week. The baby shower was lovely. My new grand niece is beautiful … Continue Reading

Have a thing for buttons? Oh, I DO! Some things are hard to explain OR understand, but this I know. There is within me lots of quirks, and today I’ll tell the world of my love of BUTTONS!!! I have more buttons than anyone needs. It’s always been a thing for me. Long ago, as … Continue Reading

Over a year ago, I started writing in blogland. I had great aspirations to journeying a path towards renewing the creativity within myself. Creativity is a big part of who I am. A big part that I have let slip away. I want to bring it back! One of my very early blogs was inspired … Continue Reading

Apparently LEAVES. One day last week, it was excessively windy and within just a couple of hours, almost ALL the leaves from our Japanese Maple blew to the ground.  It looked like a newly layed beautiful red carpet. services might Autumn colors inspire me.  I’ll show you the little vignette I put on our back … Continue Reading

Dear Sewing Machine, I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you.  I know it SEEMS like I have, but I really do love you. Let me explain.  At least let me TRY to explain. Remember the times we used to run together?  Remember the excitement that you brought me when Mister … Continue Reading

Okay, I spent HOURS in my basement yesterday, realizing how many HOURS I must have spent selecting ALL the fabrics I have collected over the years . . . I’m sure that ANY organizing book would suggest not to get bogged down by organizing, and take time to use what it is you are organizing. … Continue Reading

Hey, hey world!  ANOTHER warm and sunny day in mid-Michigan! Doesn’t my TONE even sound happier? It’s been a lovely weekend.  All three Misters C went away on a fishing trip so I got to do a few girlie things…no dishes, (only leftovers and frozen meals for THIS girl), some shopping, some putzing, a LITTLE … Continue Reading