My car is a little a lot old. He’s taking a bit of a rest; it is well deserved. He’s been the best to me. For years. And years. I hope he is resting well at the shop. Since they won’t even get to look at him until tomorrow, it’ll give him that much more … Continue Reading

  We’re moving along over here. Yes, spring is s.l.o.w. to come, but a begonia from Horrock’s Nursery helps contribute to the illusion of spring-is-here-at-long-last! And the lilac has finally decided to grace us with full bloom beauty. So, we KNOW you are there spring . . . come on and stay awhile!

Hmmmm…just the other day, there were so many beautiful blossoms on so many trees. Spring had arrived! Yet, wind and cold air have created a scene that looks too much like snow! And the last couple of days have not helped matters. It’s been a little too cold for May. Even frost warnings. What is … Continue Reading

  Since SPRINGTIME was in the air a week ago… maybe even two weeks ago, I decided it was time to get outdoors . . . to enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather. Recycling my glass bottles that our trash service won’t pick up offered me an excuse to drive to the Michigan State University … Continue Reading

  Its hard for me to believe that I used to be able to triumphantly play this song on the huge pipe organ at my church where I was organist so many years ago. It is such a beautiful song. I sat down at my well-worn organ last evening, on Easter, after the house was … Continue Reading

True. Our sweet pets know when we are leaving. They especially know something is up when the luggage comes out of hiding. He’s better now. We’re home! Wow…was it good escaping Michigan’s not-so-perfect early spring weather last week! Look at his sad little face. He’s laying on my sweater. “Maybe this will keep her home”, … Continue Reading

It’s a beautiful beginning . . . It just happens. Somehow some pretty flowers made their way into the trunk of my car! This past weekend was a long holiday weekend . . . Memorial Day weekend!  It was the first string of several days where we have had sun AND warmth this year. What … Continue Reading

This is better!     A LOT of rain. Many cold days. Yet now, the weather stick points high upward, signaling GOOD things in store, maybe it really will be warm and sunny. . . kinda like S.P.R.I.N.G. !!! (maybe even summer!)

Springtime. Long awaited. So very, very, very important to us all THIS year; it was a overly cold and snowy harsh winter this past year, draining us all of our patience and energy. So FINALLY, signs of spring are emerging, offering HOPE that SOON warmth and growth with huge doses of sunshine will soon be … Continue Reading

  Have you enjoyed the past few days of REAL SPRING? The buds and blossoms. The birds singing. Ahhhhhh . . . Still moving along over here. Making plans. Trying to absorb the beauty of the season. Praising God for all the blessings of life . . . Save