Every day . . . get up, feed Max the Cat, pour coffee, look out kitchen window … “WAIT, WHAT IS THAT ?” Grab camera. Darn, he moved. I am patient (surprisingly, before coffee to have patience), I’m determined.   Just a black squirrel you ask? Just wait. . . He moved. In addition to … Continue Reading

  Inviting. Dreaming. A warm cup of tea, an inspiring new book, pretty spring-time colorful fabric . . . What am I thinking? I admit, I did take this photo days before this happened: My sewing room is now in my dining room! Oh no! So no lollygagging, no sipping tea whilst daydreaming about pretty … Continue Reading

Oh how icky the weather was today! It’s part of spring. Rain is important. But why can’t it just do it at night and be sunny during the day?   Max cat could be saying, “what?” Max looks like he just came in from the rain, even though he never even gets to go outside. … Continue Reading

Easter-time is upon us!!!!!!!!! I don’t know about YOU, but any holiday that has anything to do with candy — Count me in!!! As you can see, I’m ready ! ! ! ANY excuse to buy candy makes me (and my sweet tooth) very happy. Easter brings out hope. Hope for (not just candy), but … Continue Reading

Good Grief ~ I sure have missed you.  I DO think about you.  I WOULD have been writing more often. It’s just that I have been doing a stint somewhat out of my comfort zone, but helpful to the family business.  It was a little exhaustion producing venture that will shortly be in the past. … Continue Reading

The MSU campus is a beautiful place.  Sunday afternoon, after I did some totally unnecessary shopping at Staples, Home Goods, JoAnn, and Michaels, I was heading to the grocery store for some much needed groceries. Granted, not as fun as office supply and craft shopping, but necessary. On my way back to Okemos from East … Continue Reading

Everyone is abuzz with it. It even made the evening news tonight. The unbelievable warmth that has fallen upon us. Totally unseasonable warmth. It’s summer. Or is it? Mother nature is certainly off schedule…and I LOVE it! Don’t we all? March has never been like this! Not in Michigan!   More wonderful, crazy, warm weather … Continue Reading

Happy warm weather to you all!!!!!!!!! No matter where I was today, the fragrance of LILACS was in the air. Our two lilac bushes had been trimmed too late last summer, so the blossoms were not as abundant as usual.  There were plenty, though, to cut a few to bring indoors.  (Pretty green jar, one of my … Continue Reading

I wanted to go back to the MSU campus on Friday, again at my lunch time.  And oh, I am so glad I did. The blossoms were out in prime beauty.  And as you’ll see, the BULLS were out, I’m not so sure about THEIR beauty, but I wouldn’t tell them that.   Probably TOO … Continue Reading

It’s 70 degrees outside!!!!! You know what that means?         I’m hungry for warm weather food! It’s all in the bowl now, I added some chives, I didn’t have any green onions! Here it is all mixed together, I’m ready for dinner NOW… Though I still have JUST a little more cutting … Continue Reading