Hope your Fourth of July was filled with celebration, family, friends and love.   It was a stupendous day! A winning day for sure, even 1st place for the ice cream truck float in the boat parade!

I bet you thought I was going to talk about FISH!   Though I do have many pictures of those . . . Oh my . . . all the Salmon! Geez! (and reason enough to purchase a second refrigerator). But no, today’s catch was more simple. No necessary trips to Lake Michigan. No need to … Continue Reading

What? huh? …I am referring to my recent visit to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. I LOVE fresh veggies! …and ALL the goods that are sold at our local farmer’s market. I just don’t love crowds. It messes me up! I tend to run. Fast! Yet this week I made it through, am still alive … Continue Reading

Oh yes, you read it right. A.d.d.i.c.t.i.o.n !!! Face it, we all have one. (or two!) It’s not hard to discover. There are tell tale signs all over my house. The salt shaker is in the window. Waiting. You never know when it might be needed. After all it is the season. The little red … Continue Reading

Oh, July, where have you gone?!! The beautiful, warm, hot, rainy, sunny, steamy … month of July has buzzed by.       payday loan payment calculator So very, very fast. So very many things to behold. July was a full month. A celebration of the 4th with dear family members. The goings on of … Continue Reading

All in all it was a very fine weekend. I never considered gardening therapeutic. I’ve read about that. Not me, I thought. I’m not a fastidious, caring, green-thumbed gardener. LOVE flowers. Not so good at upkeep. Yet every spring I do plant a pot or two (or ten or fifteen or so), of beauties for … Continue Reading

I’ve always wanted to make a BLT SALAD.  BLT sandwiches are so good, how could you go wrong with a BLT salad? I think a lot has to do with a certain book I fell in love with years ago. (yah, yah, I know you thought I was going to say it has a lot … Continue Reading

When did THAT happen? Autumn coming? Leaves turning? I KNOW it finally rained a little the last few days . . . But WHEN did those leaves on my Service Berry Trees start to turn? And then a girl goes to the grocery store and . . . WHAT? Mums? ALREADY? Oh, COME ON !!!!! … Continue Reading

What a day! Fabu-licious! Funa-licious! Yuma-licious! (you see this could go on and on, don’t you?) I know. I’m thinking the recipe for a VERY “all of the above day” would be as follows:  (oh, first I just have to show you the photos I took of this delightful-licious day) … a feast of cuteness … Continue Reading

This morning I had a later than normal breakfast. Usually I sit down with Mister C and we have a simple little breakfast at the kitchen table, but today’s was somewhat later, after he had left for work. It’s beautiful outside. Sunny and warm and calm and still and quiet . . . Yesterday I … Continue Reading