Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English Language. ~ Henry James (and MUCH easier to agree with since today is nice and warm with a gentle breeze; NOT so HOT!) Hope your weekend includes a happy summer afternoon.  

Lavender is oh so lovely! THIS lavender belongs to my friend . . . (I have none ūüôĀ )¬† So I’ve been invited ANY TIME I LIKE to skip over to my friend’s house and “have at it” — all I want! A few mornings ago, that is just what I did!¬† Like a little … Continue Reading

I do not fish, and yet (not yet as in, “I will soon be fishing”, or, “I want to go fishing”) … I mean yet as in, “I am not the one to catch the fish, yet somehow I end up doing fishy¬† things”. You know, like washing fish, cleaning the too many scales on … Continue Reading

To do: ¬†Buy dirt, buy flowers, put flowers in pots on deck (even though deck needs cleaned, and stained), but it’s JUNE, and a few flowers NEED to be potted. (I can’t put them anywhere else in the yard or the hungry deer eat them.) We’ve discussed this before. Thus, the beginnings: At this very … Continue Reading

Playing house.¬† I LOVED to “play house” when I was a little girl.¬† It consumed me. ¬†Childhood memories flooded into my mind the other day with a simple sighting of a bush similar to one that we had in our backyard at my childhood home. I saw this bush the other day . . . … Continue Reading

Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?¬† Its blueness is exquisite! ¬†Such a gift each day when one blooms.¬† It won’t be here long… The morning glory which blooms for an hour differs not at heart from the giant pine, which lives for a thousand years.” ~ Alan Watts I couldn’t say it better. ¬†Enjoy your weekend!

So I WANTED summer weather. ¬†I should NOT complain. ¬†But, you know … Therefore, today has been a good day to work in my basement. There is half of the basement that is a storage room. ¬†The other half, the good half, is the “man cave”. The man cave is clean, tidy, picked up. ¬†Mister … Continue Reading

Good morning today!!!!! Saturday morning at the local farmer’s market . . . loans on disability benefits Here is the result, all making for good eats! ¬†Green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes (tho’ they are not grown locally YET, but hopefully SOON),¬†zucchini, beets, swiss chard, blueberries, sweet cherries, a couple of egg rolls for lunch, and thanks … Continue Reading

Where were YOU on the 4th of July? ¬†It’s hard to believe it was only a week ago. Mister C and I spent the weekend at beautiful Walloon Lake in northern Michigan. ¬†We loved spending the time with our family. The weather was sunny, warm, everything you’d expect for a 4th of July, SUMMER weekend. … Continue Reading

  Percy cat looks lovely with blue, don’t you think? He’s kind of wacky…like the “bees” and “bugs” in this pot!   He likes being wacky, us…not so much. ¬†He thinks he’s a dog, us…we know better (the incessant meow/howl sound he emits is a dead give-a-way!!!) ¬†Sometimes he can be very sweet. Like when … Continue Reading