Just when I was attempting to fabricate a reason as to why I haven’t been blogging as of late, WHAM, technical difficulties arose! The Green Dot Studio would not allow me to “publish” one little word! But now, due to my fabulously talented technical director in charge of all things even remotely concerning any and … Continue Reading

It is so exciting to be able to make my blog PRETTY ! ! ! With the help of my ace technical adviser, well, let’s face it, HE changed the theme for me!  (thank you, Paul!) So over time, hopefully I’ll be able to continue to improve greendotstudio.com to become a lovely place to visit. Come … Continue Reading

Gracious.  I need help.  On two notes.  One ~ photos.  Two ~ Blog technology. So something has to be done.  I have a lovely new photoshop elements 9 program that I can minimally navigate.  Finally I’ve purchased a tutorial to LEARN how to use it!  Now I need to poke my nose in it.  Actually … Continue Reading