My car is a little a lot old. He’s taking a bit of a rest; it is well deserved. He’s been the best to me. For years. And years. I hope he is resting well at the shop. Since they won’t even get to look at him until tomorrow, it’ll give him that much more … Continue Reading

It makes no sense…a (probably) random hacking into my green dot studio. Not the REAL studio, just this little blog’s website. Months ago. In the fall before snow hit the pumpkin. Time marches on. Thanks to my tech guru, restoration has been achieved. There are a few things still to be done, and a few … Continue Reading

Hope your Fourth of July was filled with celebration, family, friends and love.   It was a stupendous day! A winning day for sure, even 1st place for the ice cream truck float in the boat parade!

True. Our sweet pets know when we are leaving. They especially know something is up when the luggage comes out of hiding. He’s better now. We’re home! Wow…was it good escaping Michigan’s not-so-perfect early spring weather last week! Look at his sad little face. He’s laying on my sweater. “Maybe this will keep her home”, … Continue Reading

How was YOUR Halloween? We have way too much candy left. So sorry for the trick-or-treaters…this year’s Halloween was cold, wet, and windy. But a few strong-minded children made it through, braved the weather and graced us with their excited smiles. Funny how candy and dressing up can drive up the spirit! A weekend¬† a … Continue Reading

Today is a good day to be inside. A bit chilly. A bit rainy. A very dreary sky…so I boiled water for tea which always tastes better with an Emma Bridgewater mug (I thank Susan Branch for educating many of us on matters of this nature.) And now that my computer has been repaired and … Continue Reading

Hello hello hello . . . I might as well start out with this gorgeous BLUE sky, the “side of blue”¬† in my title. Michigan can be so very beautiful . . . especially when the sky loses its gray overcast tendencies and becomes brilliant blue! A day filled with sunshine . . . helpful … Continue Reading

  Ah, beautiful brides. Ah, handsome grooms. Ahhhh LOVE !!! Ahhhhhhhhh WEDDINGS !!! This weekend Mister C. and I and our families had a wedding filled weekend. My weekend was spent in Detroit. Mister C. spent part in Indianapolis and Detroit. A a nephew getting married in one city, a niece getting married in another! … Continue Reading

I wish it could be done. I really wanted to bring one home for me, and if I wanted one, I know you would too. As a little souvenir, a little token, a little remembrance of what warmth and sunshine can create.   Mister C and I were fortunate enough to spend a week in … Continue Reading

  Seemed like a good idea. Mister C and I thought a weekend visit to Chicago would be the thing to do! So we hopped on the Amtrak in East Lansing, and had ourselves a fun little visit to the windy city. (Little did we imagine it wasn’t windy at all and it was even … Continue Reading