Hello at long last. I KNOW it’s been a while. I’ve been busy! such companies offering fractions I’ve been doing this airport thing. A lot. I’m always saying, “I’ve got to get out more.” Well, I HAVE !!! Visiting sweet daughter one week. After flying home, only two days later, flying out again to visit … Continue Reading

Mmmmmm, if you watch Food Network, or are “in the know”, you know who Bobby Flay is.  That’s how I discovered that he is a chef extraordinaire, a celebrity also, and have finally tasted for myself his delicious food while on vacation in Las Vegas! At Caesars Palace, which is HUGE (and I ALWAYS lose … Continue Reading

There is always one moment in a day when I think my heart will break.  Such a moment I think all women have, and men too, when all the meaning of life seems distilled and caught up and you feel you can never, never bear to leave it.  It may be when you turn and … Continue Reading

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Last Saturday was a happy day!  34 years ago Saturday Mister C and I were married!   Here. At Trinity Episcopal Church in Grand Ledge, Michigan. So to celebrate the day, Mister C and I and two of our “not-so-little” little ones drove to Grand Ledge for a historic visit. Trinity Episcopal was my church … Continue Reading

The reason Mister C and I went to the Sturgeon River Pottery back in July was because we wanted a WEATHER STICK!!! They really DO work.  I know it’s silly . . . but kind of fun, too! We thought the back of the house needed one.  As we look out the window in the … Continue Reading

Wouldn’t it be nice if ALL stores we visit had a sleeping dog in front of the door? (Grocery shopping would be a whole new experience). Sorry the photo of the “welcoming dog” hardly shows him … he is obviously enjoying the sunshine! And my camera caught the glare! This is Sturgeon River Pottery, across … Continue Reading

I wanted to go back to the MSU campus on Friday, again at my lunch time.  And oh, I am so glad I did. The blossoms were out in prime beauty.  And as you’ll see, the BULLS were out, I’m not so sure about THEIR beauty, but I wouldn’t tell them that.   Probably TOO … Continue Reading

Hello again world!  Yesterday I needed a little “get-a-way” for my lunch hour, so a side-trip through the Michigan State University campus called to me!  I LOVE driving thru the back part/farm land of MSU.  Somehow it is soothing. It’s just down the road from our office. Usually the sheep are out grazing, but today … Continue Reading