The infamous weather stick on the back of the house. I like to show it to you when it’s summertime. When it is pointing up! …as you can see though, yesterday it was not happily pointing up, so yes a little more snow. But our treasured weather stick WILL point upwards even in the winter. … Continue Reading

Uh huh, w.i.n.t.e.r. Regular life is going along . . . I’ve been working on using my big blue mixer and mixing up some wonderful things. Including cake 🙂 !!! Gluten Free! My mother, years ago, taught me to eat cake for breakfast. It’s so good. Well, when is cake NOT good? Yes, we’ve joined … Continue Reading

  “Big Blue” had his debut yesterday afternoon. Nope. Not my favorite vintage blue colander I picked up from eBay a couple of years ago… Big Blue is the most beautiful morning glory blue in the whole world (and that encompasses a lot of blues)! … officially, he’s “blue willow”. But I prefer “morning glory … Continue Reading

Oh yes, it IS winter. REALLY winter. VERY, VERY, REALLY winter!!!   Yes, its happening some more. This weekend a giant snowstorm was forecast and correctly predicted. Mister C is getting a head start. Stages. Blow the snow away in stages! [pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”]I don’t venture out much during a storm. Who does?[/pullquote]  So you’ll … Continue Reading

How did this happen? Seems like yesterday this grill had an important job to do for Thanksgiving. And it did. Successfully! That was only three weeks ago!   Now it is Mid December! I haven’t been blogging for a while. One thing contributing to that ..  you’ll see my blog doesn’t look like itself … … Continue Reading

It’s officially SPRING today. Really? Cold, yes. Windy, yes. Snowy, yes. BUT IT IS SPRING!  March 20, 2013. WE ARE READY!!!!! Birdies have been trying to chirp about it (but not today). Every single one of us who live here in Mid-Michigan are p.l.e.a.d.i.n.g with the weather man about it. It’s time to give us … Continue Reading

This is what I was doing last night . . .   Because THIS is what was happening just before dark.   And then, this was the result this morning. Yah, so last evening, knowing it was snowing, AGAIN, Mister C and I thought relaxing fireside was the way to go. SNOW-BOUND . . . … Continue Reading

We ALL wondered . . . would the sun EVER come out again?   The deer kids, there they are in the morning. I think I woke them up peeking out through the draperies, are they a little disturbed? Okay, I HAVE disturbed them, they’re on their way! Do you see what is happening on … Continue Reading

ALWAYS, on a cold winter day, and it has been excessively cold here in Michigan the last few days, a good cup of nice hot coffee is often the go-to solution to warm the body and soul.   Do you have a favorite brand of coffee? I thought I did, yet now I am not … Continue Reading

Jack Frost has been by to visit quite a bit lately… kind of a time to settle into winter.   Been doing the regular winter type things … (okay, I confess: “NO, I did NOT put my pots away properly for the season!”) Mister C and I usually put them not only in the garage, … Continue Reading