Good morning, and Happy Mothers Day to you. Mothers Day shouldn’t really be a day to just be thankful for Moms. It should be  a day for moms to  celebrate God’s gift of their children. It should be a day that we all celebrate LOVE…of life and of each other. When I was popping around … Continue Reading

  Since SPRINGTIME was in the air a week ago… maybe even two weeks ago, I decided it was time to get outdoors . . . to enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather. Recycling my glass bottles that our trash service won’t pick up offered me an excuse to drive to the Michigan State University … Continue Reading

  Its hard for me to believe that I used to be able to triumphantly play this song on the huge pipe organ at my church where I was organist so many years ago. It is such a beautiful song. I sat down at my well-worn organ last evening, on Easter, after the house was … Continue Reading

True. Our sweet pets know when we are leaving. They especially know something is up when the luggage comes out of hiding. He’s better now. We’re home! Wow…was it good escaping Michigan’s not-so-perfect early spring weather last week! Look at his sad little face. He’s laying on my sweater. “Maybe this will keep her home”, … Continue Reading

The infamous weather stick on the back of the house. I like to show it to you when it’s summertime. When it is pointing up! …as you can see though, yesterday it was not happily pointing up, so yes a little more snow. But our treasured weather stick WILL point upwards even in the winter. … Continue Reading

Uh huh, w.i.n.t.e.r. Regular life is going along . . . I’ve been working on using my big blue mixer and mixing up some wonderful things. Including cake 🙂 !!! Gluten Free! My mother, years ago, taught me to eat cake for breakfast. It’s so good. Well, when is cake NOT good? Yes, we’ve joined … Continue Reading

  “Big Blue” had his debut yesterday afternoon. Nope. Not my favorite vintage blue colander I picked up from eBay a couple of years ago… Big Blue is the most beautiful morning glory blue in the whole world (and that encompasses a lot of blues)! … officially, he’s “blue willow”. But I prefer “morning glory … Continue Reading

How was YOUR Halloween? We have way too much candy left. So sorry for the trick-or-treaters…this year’s Halloween was cold, wet, and windy. But a few strong-minded children made it through, braved the weather and graced us with their excited smiles. Funny how candy and dressing up can drive up the spirit! A weekend  a … Continue Reading

Today is a good day to be inside. A bit chilly. A bit rainy. A very dreary sky…so I boiled water for tea which always tastes better with an Emma Bridgewater mug (I thank Susan Branch for educating many of us on matters of this nature.) And now that my computer has been repaired and … Continue Reading

I bet you thought I was going to talk about FISH!   Though I do have many pictures of those . . . Oh my . . . all the Salmon! Geez! (and reason enough to purchase a second refrigerator). But no, today’s catch was more simple. No necessary trips to Lake Michigan. No need to … Continue Reading