Hello hello hello . . . I might as well start out with this gorgeous BLUE sky, the “side of blue”  in my title. Michigan can be so very beautiful . . . especially when the sky loses its gray overcast tendencies and becomes brilliant blue! A day filled with sunshine . . . helpful … Continue Reading

What? huh? …I am referring to my recent visit to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. I LOVE fresh veggies! …and ALL the goods that are sold at our local farmer’s market. I just don’t love crowds. It messes me up! I tend to run. Fast! Yet this week I made it through, am still alive … Continue Reading

I know. I know. You haven’t seen much of me around here as of late. I’m working on that. I’m waiting for summer to catch on in my heart. So I wanted to share with you some basic loveliness of summer! Images of what warmth and sunshine produce . . . Did you bring a … Continue Reading

It’s a beautiful beginning . . . It just happens. Somehow some pretty flowers made their way into the trunk of my car! This past weekend was a long holiday weekend . . . Memorial Day weekend!  It was the first string of several days where we have had sun AND warmth this year. What … Continue Reading

This is better!     A LOT of rain. Many cold days. Yet now, the weather stick points high upward, signaling GOOD things in store, maybe it really will be warm and sunny. . . kinda like S.P.R.I.N.G. !!! (maybe even summer!)

Springtime. Long awaited. So very, very, very important to us all THIS year; it was a overly cold and snowy harsh winter this past year, draining us all of our patience and energy. So FINALLY, signs of spring are emerging, offering HOPE that SOON warmth and growth with huge doses of sunshine will soon be … Continue Reading

Hello all !!! It’s soooooo cold outside. But wanting to warm your heart today … here’s a couple of pictures of a little something I made for a dear girlfriend of mine last week. I told her it was to celebrate her birthday. BUT, what a great excuse to celebrate our friendship! (as you can … Continue Reading

Oh yes, it IS winter. REALLY winter. VERY, VERY, REALLY winter!!!   Yes, its happening some more. This weekend a giant snowstorm was forecast and correctly predicted. Mister C is getting a head start. Stages. Blow the snow away in stages! [pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”]I don’t venture out much during a storm. Who does?[/pullquote]  So you’ll … Continue Reading

How did this happen? Seems like yesterday this grill had an important job to do for Thanksgiving. And it did. Successfully! That was only three weeks ago!   Now it is Mid December! I haven’t been blogging for a while. One thing contributing to that ..  you’ll see my blog doesn’t look like itself … … Continue Reading

Beautiful autumn.   Clearly, the weatherman was a little mixed up today. As I was driving away from the house today, the sun was out, BUT snow was falling! It didn’t last but a few minutes, then the sun was out even more. Then in a blink of the eye, total cloud cover. Off and … Continue Reading