By popular demand I would like to bring you — RECIPES !!!! Well, actually, I had only ONE request for the recipes from my last blog. One of my VERY good friends. But she IS popular!!!  🙂 So since I love her, AND since I thought YOU might want recipes for last Sunday’s cook … Continue Reading

I always thought it was the crisp cool days of autumn that brought on the desire to start cooking again at summers end…   Clearly, the trees are turning. Such a beautiful display of colors. There are still more that need to continue their transition into autumnal hues. It’s been so warm the last couple … Continue Reading

  Monday morning I had the need for MORE tomatoes. Ours were gone. Mister C and I had managed to eat through my pile of tomatoes from last week. The day was certainly autumnal. Overcast as well. There was the promise of sunshine.  This farm. So green. So many gnarly, huge trees. Quaint. I hope … Continue Reading

Oh yes, you read it right. A.d.d.i.c.t.i.o.n !!! Face it, we all have one. (or two!) It’s not hard to discover. There are tell tale signs all over my house. The salt shaker is in the window. Waiting. You never know when it might be needed. After all it is the season. The little red … Continue Reading

  Ah, beautiful brides. Ah, handsome grooms. Ahhhh LOVE !!! Ahhhhhhhhh WEDDINGS !!! This weekend Mister C. and I and our families had a wedding filled weekend. My weekend was spent in Detroit. Mister C. spent part in Indianapolis and Detroit. A a nephew getting married in one city, a niece getting married in another! … Continue Reading

Oh, July, where have you gone?!! The beautiful, warm, hot, rainy, sunny, steamy … month of July has buzzed by.       payday loan payment calculator So very, very fast. So very many things to behold. July was a full month. A celebration of the 4th with dear family members. The goings on of … Continue Reading

All in all it was a very fine weekend. I never considered gardening therapeutic. I’ve read about that. Not me, I thought. I’m not a fastidious, caring, green-thumbed gardener. LOVE flowers. Not so good at upkeep. Yet every spring I do plant a pot or two (or ten or fifteen or so), of beauties for … Continue Reading

Welcome to our world.   Enough already!!!!!  Max has had it. Poor Max. Construction and chaos are not his friends! Mister C and I are on the verge of running away ourselves. I HAVE mentioned that a few renovations are occurring at the house?!? (I think in every room. . .) (Yes, we are out … Continue Reading

  Have you enjoyed the past few days of REAL SPRING? The buds and blossoms. The birds singing. Ahhhhhh . . . Still moving along over here. Making plans. Trying to absorb the beauty of the season. Praising God for all the blessings of life . . . Save

  Look at that pink tongue licking, licking the catnip. I stopped in on Percy cat the other day. I miss you Percy! (Max is still unsure of what to do with himself.) Little update! This is what has been going on over here. Actually things are going on here at the house, and over … Continue Reading